President & CEO Jiro SHIMOYAMAA

Policy on Anti-Social Forces

Basic Policy

We are firmly opposed to Anti-Social Forces who threaten the order and safety of civil society.

  • As our company's ethical mission, we commit firmly to having no dealings with Anti-Social Forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society (sōkaiya, criminal syndicates etc.). We also do not have dealings with companies or organizations who are related to Anti-Social Forces.
  • In order to prevent contact with Anti-Social Forces, we are consistently conscious of crisis management and implement business operations without leaving gaps. We follow the principles of "paying no money to", "not making use of" and "not getting intimidated by" Anti-Social Forces. Through a foundational knowledge of the law, of common social sense and a sense of justice, we always endeavor to maintain exercise good judgment.
  • Should there be an intervention by Anti-Social Forces, we take countermeasures under a quick response system. We work to accurately grasp the facts and to systematically and appropriately deal with the situation by coordinating with police, lawyers etc.
  • All of our executives and employees make efforts to prevent problems by thoroughly communicating with business partners, preventing scandals, and complying with related laws and regulations.